Art Submission Requirements

In order to produce your custom flag, please read our guidlines below. If you need help, we're here.


Art Submission Q&A

What file format is acceptable?

  • Answer: eps, ai, pdf, high-res. and jpg. type files.
  • Vector graphics (typically saved as an .eps, .ai or .pdf) provide the highest resolution possible without quality loss.

How to request specific color requirements?

Answer: PMS colors for silkscreen; CMYK, PMS or RBG for digital; thread colors, if available, for embroidery; submit a color swatch or a flag sample to the office when available, etc.).

How to request specific fonts?

Answer: convert to curves or outlines, or provide the .ttf, .otf or .fot font files.

How important it is to consider a more simple flag design?

Answer: Less is more. You can convey your club’s colors and designs in the most simple form even if it’s backwards on the reversed side. Too many details on a burgee waving at nautical speeds or flying several feet atop a mast will not matter in most cases. A simple design will also help to cut the cost and speed up production time.).