Yacht Flags of all styles!

North Flags is the industry leader in providing high quality yacht club burgees throughout the world. The combination of highly trained technical production staff, state of the art equipment and the best service give you piece of mind knowing your Yacht Club order is in good hands.

  • Appliquéd Pennant

    This is an example of a fully Appliquéd Pennant.
  • Appliqué and Embroidery

    This Pennant incorporates both Appliqué and Embroidery. The border, two blue base colors, and the sand are appliquéd and the finer details are done using embroidery.
  • Embroidered Rectangle Swallowtail

    This family burgee is a fully Embroidered Rectangle Swallowtail and uses International Signal Code Flags to spell the last name.
  • Brass Ring Pennant

    This Brass Ring Pennant is fully embroidered.
  • Appliquéd Swallowtail

    This burgee is a fully Appliquéd Swallowtail.
  • Swallowtail burgee

    This Swallowtail burgee uses both the Appliqué and Embroidery methods.
  • Pennant Flags

    This Pennant demonstrates both the Appliqué (letter G) and Embroidery (words). It also uses Red Webbing.
  • Mermaid Pennant

    The Mermaid Pennant uses Appliqué for the large pieces of hair and tail, with Embroidery for the fine details. It also uses Red Webbing.
  • Swallowtail burgee

    This Swallowtail burgee is Appliquéd with ½” border. It also has Old Glory Blue stitch detail on head.
  • Appliqué Swallowtail

    This is an Appliqué Swallowtail that uses Brown stitch detail.
  • Pennant Flag

    This Pennant uses Appliqué to sew together the base and Embroidery and Stitch Detail for lettering and detail on gecko.
  • Pennant Flags

    This Pennant is fully Appliquéd with a 1/2 inch border.
Our burgees not only look the best, they hold up the longest due to our attention securing only the best flag grade nylon. When you work with North Flags, you are working directly with the manufacturer. No middleman.


Since we have worked with so many Yacht Clubs around the world, we may already have your design on file. If we don’t, we can usually get it and if it is a new club we can help you make up your own custom burgee! Give us a call or EMAIL and we’ll walk you through the process.


We have the right method for any design.

Cut and Stictch Burgee

Embroidered Burgee

Digital Burgee

Silk Screened